Sunday, April 12, 2015

Soul Weather

when i was a child, i had a strange dream.  at the time, i thought it was a peculiar but ordinary dream.  i had gone to heaven, but this heaven was just as a six year old with a box of 64 crayolas would make it out to be.  Every one had little halos, wings, gowns, harps, trumpets and floated about in a busy, bustling urban environment.  they were doing the most mundane of things like waving down a taxi or buying a hot dog or walking a dog.

i was confused, because anyone with religious influence in my life at the time made heaven out to be something grand and full of splendor; far too grand for the likes of mortal activities that we humans carried out.  i thought about it, and told a few adults, and their responses amounted to, "that's nice."

for some reason i was thinking about it in the shower today, when a song that had been in my head most of the day circled around again for another round.  It was "We Have Heaven" by Yes.  Somehow those two things clicked in my mind:

Heaven looked like the mundane world because Heaven IS the mundane world!!

That was no dream.  It was a vision!

What we experience here is exactly what we deserve: our just reward.  our karma is perfectly balanced in every way: the law of return is very real.  It makes our experience either Heaven or Hell.  Reality is innately Heaven however -- how do you think children are so happy?  They learn sadness and strife.

you are not a drop of water -- you are the ocean.  life flows like the water cycle. soul weather! imagine that!


Anonymous said...

You do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.


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