Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Ghost, First Haunt

I named this blog on a whim, mostly because I was listening to Nine Inch Nails at the moment.  Fitting however, as intellectual ramblings can sometimes seem like reminiscent of what once was -- a mere imprint of the original thought expanded upon to manifest in reality in the form of "standing on the shoulders of our teachers."  Here I will contemplate.  Daily bitching can be found elsewhere. 

Seventeen is a prime number, one that boils down to the number eight -- a solid number in numerology.  Eight sabbats of the year.  Eight points to the star of the Illuminati of Thenateros and the Metatron's Cube.  Seventeen is a lonely number by itself however.  Nothing seems to categorize itself in sets of seventeen.  I find it endearing.  Perhaps I can relate.

Sometimes I feel like the universe is attempting to cram its entirety inside of my brain.  Though I admire the attempt and strongly desire for its success, the results are less than satisfactory, and often lead to feelings of insanity and lack of control of what is going on inside this head of mine.  My soul is that of such great proportions that my flesh shell simply cannot hold it.  I am a small experience to a much larger monad.  A collective if you will.  Of what I can't say for sure.  I plan to find out. 


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