Thursday, January 15, 2015

As Above So Below

I figure out the strangest things while I'm high.  And seeing as I'm trying not to be high anymore, these epiphanies will be missed.  The breakthrough I discerned on my last journey was expansive, and I think incredible. 

Each life is like a byte of information collected by the Oversoul in its construction of a program of some sort.  When we die the Oversoul collects the soul, copies the information gathered then sends the soul back out to gather data from a new lifetime existence.  We will always have access to everything the Oversouls has already copied.  Ghosts are scars left behind by a data trail before it could make it back to the Oversoul.  Sometimes they get stuck.

In the fourth dimension, time is a physical thing.  It is relative and malleable there, exactly as mass is here.  For time's arrow to be perceived as moving forward here, this time-mass landscape would have to be forever expanding -- like in a nuclear reaction of a type two supernova.  We are the by product of a four dimensional star going nova.  This means that eventually time will slow down and stop all together, but this could take eons.  We may have perceived much faster times in the past.

We are mere shadows of the fourth dimension.  As the time-mass is arranged there, events line up in sequence here.  We can move this time-mass with thought energy -- either over a long period or sending out a lot of thought energy in alpha state.  Thoughts radiate out from us, making our reality extend only so far from our aura.  This often overlaps other's fields, resulting in a consensus to different degrees upon an event.

The butterfly effect is essentially using one of these thought bursts to alter the past.  Because this influences only so far from the source, others perceive the event as if it actually occurred that way while the catalyst retains recollection of the prior reality.  Because it requires our endorphin receptors to be so high, changes occur in the brain similar to depression or addiction on a mass scale.  Withdrawal occurs when an overstuffed receptor suddenly ceases to receive the abundant endorphin levels it has stretched past capacity to accommodate.  With these receptors stretched out, less endorphin can be transferred.  Acute withdrawal lasts until the receptors retain some of their shape and shrink back down so it can pick up more normal levels of endorphins.  PAWS occurs when long term damage is inflicted to the receptors, taking monts to return to close to normal. 

To activate this state of alpha thought burst one needs to have theses receptors wide the fuck open.  Adrenaline -- which hits the same receptors as endorphins -- is the easiest way to achieve this state.  One has to do something drastic like jump off of a building in order to achieve ecstasy.  Many traditions have found other ways to achieve ecstasy, but it takes time and practice.

I haven't figured out why these receptors are so key to the process yet.  I'll get back to you next time I smoke up.